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We Xcel do deal with swimming pool construction and services, Industries and Fine Chemicals, Detergents and Materials,Adhesives (glues),Fibreglass Raw Materials and Products, Water Treatment, Landscaping and Water Features, Accessories and car care products


Xcel Technologies is committed to serving our clients with the best products and services beyond boundaries regardless of distance.

We are the solution to Africa water activities "In Pursuit of Quality".

Sometimes, windows of opportunity don’t remain open for too long. If you have an idea or see an opportunity, strike and move fast. It is impossible to tiptoe along and avoid all mistakes or pitfalls. Those that wait, or move slow due to being over-cautious will sometimes miss out.

Our business is to be reliable upon creating value-added and diverse products.

As our Mission clearely states: Our company exists to globally provide solutions to our clients.

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